Cafe Zauner in der Pfarrgasse

Zauner-Bakery-The treasure chamber of creativity and craftsmanship

Austria is  lucky enough to be able to offer lovers of cakes and pastries a wide range of exquisite creations in numerous coffee and pastriy shops. Many of these have a long tradition to look back on and it is for this reason Austria known across the globe as the home of the cake shop.

 In Zauner's bakery, we celebrate the traditional art of Austrian confectionery. Every day 22 confectioners and 6 chief strive to produce the finest top quality cakes and pastries. The production of delicious traditional confectionery goes hand in hand with the creation of new sweet delights in one of the most modern bakeries in Austria.

A guarantee of the highest quality, freshness and creativity are the guiding principles of our business. Zauner cakes and pastries are not just a gastronomical delight but are also rooted in tradition and culture.

Zauner specialities are undoubtedly counted among the greatest representatives of the world famous Austrian café and confectionery culture.