Cafe Zauner in der Pfarrgasse

A cup of "Melange"  and a pastry or cake


To enjoy these is not just a pleasure but a must for traditionalists and culture lovers. Since 1832 confectionery has been part of that special feeling of luxury associated with our establishment. Certainly life would be poorer without it!


Maintaining the character of traditional Austrian coffee culture is an integral part of our business philosophy. However we also serve the latest coffee creations, enjoyed especially by our younger clientele. So whether your prefer "melange" or "double mocca" and "cappucino" or "café latte", you can find them here. The wisdom of age combined with the willingness to embrace progress and change - this is what we stand for. At Zauner it  is more than just a cup of coffee! And you just have to have a piece of cake to go with it! Austria´s largest range of cakes and pastries is waiting for you!

"It was delicious. I loved it."

 We continuously strive to ensure each and every one of our customers goes away with this feeling of saisfaction. The staff at Zauner are there to fulfil all your expectations and ensure our reputation of providing the flair of Austrian hospitality paired  with top quality products and services lives on.

Opened: every day from 8.30 - 18.00 h