Saga of the "Zaunerstollen"

One day Josef Nickerl, former confectioner of the reknown  Hotel "Pupp" in Carlsbad, came to work for Zauner in Bad Ischl. To mark  the start of his new job he decided to refine one of the  a recipes  and so the famous "Ischler Wafers" came into being.

However the huge  success of the wafers caused a problem. Not all of the wafers met the strict criteria demanded  by Zauner. Some were iuneven  in color or  slightly twisted or broken. What was to be done with them?

The shrewd Nickerl chopped upthe broken wafers and mixed with them with nougat, hazelnuts and chocolate. He formed the mixture into small biscuits intended for sale to children. Soon the request: "Nickerl-Batz for one Kreuzer" - which is what the children called them - was the most frequently heard order in the shop. And they were even being bought by adults - locals and foreigners alike - not only by children!

Viktor Zauner began to see potential in the ever-increasing demand. He went to Nickerl and in the bakery they mixed, tested and added new ingredients. The taste and the consistency, the melting on the tongue - these were all fantastic, but the shape wasn´t quite right.

One day they pressed the mxture into an elongated tin and dried it . They cut it into finger-wide slices and Viktor Zauner tasted one. He began to smile. "That´s it!" he laughed.

Nickerl shook his head: "Something is still missing....." he said. "Why don´t we cover it with chocolate? A thick smooth chocolate covering."

Viktor Zauner looked at him earnestly and then nodded " Very good!", he agreed, "that´s exactly what we will do."

This is how - in 1905 - the "Zaunerstollen" was born - this unique magnificence which quickly grew into a symbol for Bad Ischl and Austrian confectionery skill.

Die Geschichte des Zaunerstollen

Die Geschichte des Zaunerstollen

Die Geschichte des Zaunerstollen