First tv commercial goes on air

The famous pastry shop Zauner in Bad Ischl is betting on the effect of a tv commercial for the first time. The aim is to place the new webshop as the perfect solution in the Christmas gift stress. The Salzburg based agency and film production Zenturio Film CreaKon GmbH has implemented the spot.

The Zauner confectionery in Bad Ischl has been around for almost 200 years, almost as long as it has been famous far beyond the borders. Emperor Franz Josef spent a lot of time in the region to indulge his hunting passion, while the sweet delights of the k&k Hofzuckerbäckerei delighted the Habsburgs and their court state. The legendary zaunerstollen, for example, was built in 1905 and is still baked by the pastry chefs of the house of Zauner, according to the original recipe. Meanwhile, it excites its fans near and far.

To ensure that the enjoyment can take place worldwide, the Zauners have redesigned their webshop this year and it is even easier and more convenient to have the delicacies of the house sent to family, friends and business partners. Especially at Christmas time people from all over the world can order the specialties for their beloved ones absolutely stress-free.

For the first time ever, the zauner confectionery has relied on the power of the moving image, trusting the Salzburg based agency and film production company Zenturio Film Creation GmbH to implement this project and to publicize the webshop of the Zauner confectionery.

Zenturio has already made international representations with campaigns for Kitzbühel and Remax. Six concepts were originally worked out, from factual to modern, funny to cool.
Together with the Zauner family, however, the creatives have opted for the traditionalist approach – and in retrospect they are happy about it! What would some competitors say about being able to look back on such a history? The konditorei Zauner is inseparable from the House of Habsburg and it would be almost a disgrace not to use this historic axis – the emperor is still a blast!

In the commercial, Zenturio has bet on a brisk, tongue-in-cheek monarch, who engages in a dialogue with the feisty lady behind the counter in the style of the screwball comedies of the fifties/sixties, the whole thing staged in the still almost true-to-original sales room!

Filming took place for an entire summer night, as there is no chance of rest during the day in Café Zauner. With actors, mask and costume you trusted the best of the subject and it was worth it: Kaiser Hans Jürgen Bertram was the “Jedermann” in Mondsee this year, Barbara Novotny is Reinhardt seminar calibre, mask Natascha Zenig has already worked at the Mission Impossible set. The hollywood-approved power couple Heidi Zimmermann and Paulo di Biasi stood behind the camera.