Konditorei Zauner puts the spotlight on original recipe from 1886

Newly developed packaging for traditional product

In keeping with Zauner’s corporate philosophy of upholding the tried and true and treating the past with care, we are now highlighting a product that was created in the Zauner bakery around 1886:

The original Ischler Törtchen.

This stands next to the original Zaunerstollen like no other dessert for a sweet piece of Bad Ischl history! In 1958 it was already known far beyond the country’s borders, when it was presented by Richard Kurth (the then manager of the bakery and head of the Zauner confectionery) at the World Exhibition in Brussels and was awarded a gold medal. Now we have also created a packaging befitting this traditional dessert!

“We all look back on a turbulent time that was very challenging, that forced one or two things to come to a halt, but never paralyzed us in our creativity. Among other things, we went to our archives and looked into the history of the Zauner confectionery. With the Original Ischler Törtchen we quickly noticed that this is already known far beyond the borders of Austria and at the same time has become a fixed component of every cookie plate at Christmas time. What is not too well known, however, is that this product was actually created in the Zauner house; the original recipe dates back to 1886. It is now necessary to give the original Ischler Törtchen the importance it deserves, because it is in any case part of of our sweet Bad Ischl identity!” Philipp Zauner, Managing Director Konditorei Zauner.

The Ischler Törtchen combines fine truffle cream with crispy shortcrust pastry and a wafer-thin coating of crunchy chocolate coating; finely chopped pistachios refine this product as a garnish.

Even today, the Original Ischler Törtchen is baked according to the original recipe, which is kept safe in the Zauner house.